A Guide to Engagement Rings: Find out what your ring shape says about your personality!

November 22, 2016

The shape of a diamond is one of the easiest qualities to spot. Next to brilliance, this may be one of the most important factors. The diamond shape you choose for an engagement ring will be your conversation starter and display your personality! Learn more about each of the most popular shapes to determine what best meets your ideal statement piece.

Round: Round remains the most popular shape due to it’s amazing ability to display brilliance. Brides who choose a round shape are often described as classic. Your style is timeless and you appreciate the beauty in simplicity.

Princess: The Princess shape is the second most popular next to round. The square or rectangular shape looks great in a three stone setting, or as a vintage-inspired piece. Brides enjoy the princess shape because it mirrors their own modern elegance.

Radiant: This shape is similar to the princess cut, but the slipped corners allow for a better grip in the rings setting. Radiant diamonds look best in a solitaire or three stone setting. Your friends often describe you as dramatic, and the social butterfly of a group.

Asscher: Parallel sides and even corners make up the classic Asscher shape. The Asscher has a long history associated with royalty. If the Asscher is for you, you likely are courageous and enjoy standing out from the crowd.


Cushion: The cushion shape is similar to round but a little edgier. Cushion hales romance and vintage charm. Others may describe you as cool, calm and collected. Your style speaks for itself.

Oval: An oval shape is where classic meets modern. The elongated-round shape will produce brilliance while offering a unique style. This shape looks best in a halo styled ring. Brides who enjoy an oval shape are traditional but know how to add their own flair of style.


Emerald: Similar to an asscher cut, the emeralds flat surface allows the diamond to look larger when meeting the eye. Brides who choose an emerald ring are described as polished and sophisticated. Emeralds often look great when paired with a cathedral setting.


Pear: Pear diamonds are beautiful. Also often described as teardrop shaped. Allow the shape to do the talking with a solitaire setting, or add a halo to make a statement. Others would describe you as feminine, and unique.

Marquise: The marquise is an elongated shape with two pointed ends. Its shape allows the ring to appear bigger which may be more suitable for particular brides. Brides who love the marquise shape are out-of-the-box thinkers, and level headed individuals.



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