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Each Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry piece focuses on quality and attention to detail to ensure maximum brilliance. With the option to custom design and create your own lab-created diamond Jewelry or to choose from our fine selection of Necklaces, it's easy to find the perfect design at Fullers Jewelry.


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The Benefits of Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds


Choosing lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds is a sustainable choice. Creating lab diamonds is less harmful to the environment as it requires fewer resources and produces less waste. Unlike mined diamonds, which require extensive mining operations that can disrupt ecosystems and communities, lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled environments with minimal environmental impact.


Lab-grown diamonds offer the same quality and brilliance as natural diamonds but at non-custom prices. This makes them a more affordable option for many of our clients. The cost of producing lab-grown diamonds is significantly lower than the cost of mining natural diamonds, and we pass these savings on to our clients.

Quality and Variety

At Fuller's Jewelry, we offer Dallas's best quality lab-grown diamonds. Our selection includes various shapes and sizes, allowing our clients to find the perfect stone for their custom diamond rings or other pieces of lab-grown diamond jewelry. Each stone is carefully selected and evaluated to meet our high-quality standards.

Our Extensive Lab-Grown Diamond Selection


We offer a wide range of shapes, including:

  • Round: The most popular shape, known for its brilliance and versatility.
  • Princess: A modern shape with sharp, clean lines.
  • Oval: A classic shape that elongates the finger.
  • Marquise: A boat-shaped diamond that maximizes carat weight.
  • Cushion: A romantic shape with rounded corners and large facets.
  • Emerald: A rectangular shape with step cuts that create a hall-of-mirrors effect.
  • Asscher: A square version of the emerald cut with a distinctive X pattern.
  • Radiant: A vibrant and lively square or rectangular diamond.


All our pieces are rated by the Gemological Institute, ensuring the highest quality. We offer diamonds in various grades, allowing our clients to choose based on their preferences and budget. From flawless diamonds to those with slight inclusions, we have various quality options to suit every need.

Custom Jewelry with Lab-Grown Diamonds

At Fuller's Jewelry, we specialize in custom jewelry. Our jewelers work closely with clients to create unique pieces that combine elegance and personal style. Whether you're looking for a lab-grown diamond engagement ring or a custom-designed piece of jewelry, we can help. We offer various metal options, including gold, silver, and platinum, and can create designs that range from classic to contemporary.

Visit Our Store in Dallas, TX

We invite you to visit our store in Dallas, TX, to explore our large selection of lab-grown diamonds. Our knowledgeable jewelers can guide you through choosing the perfect stone for your custom jewelry. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Embrace the Future of Luxury

Lab-created diamonds are a sustainable and affordable choice for high-quality stones. At Fuller's Jewelry, we proudly offer a wide selection of lab-grown diamonds in Dallas, TX. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring, a custom piece of jewelry, or loose lab-grown diamonds, we have you covered. Visit our store today to explore our selection and find the perfect lab-grown diamond. We look forward to helping you create a piece of jewelry you will love forever.

Discover the Brilliance of Lab-Grown Diamonds: Your Questions Answered

We often encounter a few common questions as we continue to serve our clients with their lab diamond needs in Dallas, TX. Here, we aim to provide clear and concise answers to these queries.

How Does a Lab-Grown Diamond Compare to a Natural Diamond?

Lab-grown and natural diamonds are identical in physical, chemical, and optical properties. The only difference is their origin - natural diamonds form beneath the Earth's surface, while lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory.

Can Lab-Grown Diamonds be Used in Engagement Rings?

Absolutely! Lab-grown diamonds are perfect for engagement rings. They offer the same beauty as natural diamonds and are a more affordable and eco-friendly choice for custom engagement rings.

What is the Quality of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The quality of lab-grown diamonds is on par with the best natural diamonds. They are graded similarly, considering cut, color, clarity, and carat. Fuller's Jewelry offers high-quality lab-grown and loose diamonds, perfect engagement rings.

Looking For Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces In Dallas, TX?

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