Jewelry Repair In Dallas, TX

Find world-class jewelry repair services in Dallas, Texas. Visit Fuller's Jewelry to speak with our experts and learn more about how we can restore your broken jewelry. While we specialize in jewelry customization, we're equipped with the tools and craftsmen to repair anything sitting unused in your jewelry box.

Top Rated Jewelry Repair Services In Dallas, TX

Fuller's Jewelry is staffed with trained and experienced Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
graduates who would be delighted to repair any of your precious jewelry whether you have a necklace,
ring, brooch, earrings, or some other form of jewelry.

The GIA is the nation’s foremost authority on all things diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, and
our staff utilizes the knowledge they gained from their education to better serve and educate clients.

Ring Re-Sizing and Ring Repair in Dallas

In North Dallas, a ring that's too large can easily slip off, causing distress, while one that's too small can uncomfortably constrict your finger. Beyond size adjustments, we also offer engraving services to personalize your jewelry. Plus, with every ring re-sizing, we include a thorough cleaning, stone check, and polishing to ensure your ring shines brilliantly. Ensure the perfect fit and appearance for your gold and sterling silver rings – schedule your appointment with us today.

Gemstone Replacements

Gemstones breathe life into any jewelry setting. So if the stone in your setting is lost, damaged, or just not the right fit for your personal style– visit Fuller’s Jewelry Dallas to upgrade your sparkle. Shop our display of beautiful loose diamonds or ask us about our gem restoration services.

Chain and Clasp Repairs

If you have broken links or a faulty clasp due to regular wear and tear, an accident, or you just want to put an old family heirloom back into your accessory circulation– Fuller’s Jewelry can help. We can fix any bracelet or necklace and adjust its length to better suit your size and style.

Jewelry Setting Replacements

Bring your broken jewelry settings into our Dallas showroom for repairs that will restore your favorite jewelry to its former glory. Our certified jewelers will ensure that your setting is not only flawless but strong enough to keep your precious gemstones safe whenever you decide to wear them.

Jewelry Repair In Dallas

Jewelry Repair In Dallas

Jewelry Repair in Dallas, TX

Fine Jewelry Repair in Dallas, TX


Jewelry Inspection and Repair Consultation

All of our jewelry services begin with an initial inspection and consultation. Each piece is handled with the utmost respect and care, and our master jeweler is equipped to repair, alter, or remount any jewelry stone or setting. We take pride in our repairs and consider them a representation of our craftsmanship.

Dallas Jewelry Repair and Gem Upgrades

At Fuller’s Jewelry, our top priority is always the customer. So if you ever need help with your jewelry, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll do whatever it takes to repair your beloved jewelry and answer any questions you may have.


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Don't hesitate to contact us for all your jewelry needs, including ring re-sizing and watch repairs. We're here to ensure your precious items are in their best condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. We look forward to serving you in North Dallas.