Halo Engagement Rings in Dallas

      42 products

      42 products

      Glamorous and Stunning Halo Engagement Rings in Dallas

      Our collection of beautiful halo engagement rings in Dallas may be the perfect choice for your significant other. The halo style is beautiful and eye-catching with one or two rings of small diamonds surrounding a central diamond. 

      We offer a full array of Dallas halo engagement rings to choose from to suit your preferences. Our gemologists and jewelry experts are available to answer any questions at all about these remarkable rings.

      What are Dallas Halo Engagement Rings?

      Halo engagement rings showcase a halo of diamonds around a center stone, which is typically a diamond. The center stone may be required to be purchased separately depending on the ring, allowing for a degree of customization. 

      The halo ring style is thought to have first arisen around the Victorian Era and became more popular during the Retro era as well as the Art Deco period. During the Victorian Era, the rise of a middle class created more demand for jewelry, and the halo ring style was highly sought after, as well as diamonds for the gemstone choice. Today, it remains very popular.

      Why Purchase Halo Engagement Rings in Dallas?

      Our Dallas halo engagement rings are truly one of a kind and provide your significant other with a beautiful, memorable gift. It provides a dazzling look that captivates the room in any setting. The smaller diamonds centered around the center stone can make any size stone seem significantly larger, allowing for a wider degree of flexibility with stone choices. Even the smallest center diamond looks like a masterpiece with the halo ring style.

      What is the Price of Dallas Halo Engagement Rings?

      You can see the prices of our best selling Dallas halo engagement rings directly on our website. Center stones may need to be purchased separately. Our jewelry experts can help you decide which option may be best for you based on your preferences and what your gift recipient may want. There are many halo style rings to choose from in our constantly updated online inventory. We carry some of the most popular styles and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our recommendations.

      Should I Get a Halo Engagement Ring?

      Halo engagement rings are a good choice for a wide range of budgets, but there may be other ring styles that are also a good option. When you contact Fuller's Jewelry, one of our experts will assist you with finding the best choice. Our final recommendations may include one of our stunning halo engagement rings in Dallas or may also include one or more of our other popular styles such as our channel set engagement rings in Dallas, classic, cluster, contemporary or many other styles. We are committed to helping you find the perfect engagement ring that will exceed every expectation.

      Get The World’s Best Diamonds Right in Dallas

      You can rest assured that Fuller's Jewelry exclusively carries the world’s best diamonds with our Dallas halo engagement ring selection. Every diamond has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America and we also examine them to ensure they meet our strict standards. Every one of our halo rings has been constructed with world class diamonds that make our rings truly glamorous and unique. 

      Get more information about any of our glamorous Dallas halo engagement rings on this page by clicking on any ring for more details. Reach out to our jewelry store in Dallas with any questions you may have as you conduct your search for a beautiful ring!