Top 5 Engagement Ring Myths

So you're shopping for, or soon to be shopping for, engagement rings. Woo-hoo! However, you need to be cautious when shopping for engagement rings, courtesy of some myths that can lower your chances of getting your 'perfect' ring. 

While some myths originate from tradition, other myths come from lack of knowledge. Either way, your shopping experience and taste will likely be different from the next customer, so take that into consideration. But let's take a look at some myths and see how we can debunk them. Let's go!

1. Only White Diamond Rings - Says Who?

Understandably, white diamonds are popular, courtesy of their color that does not compromise your style. But have you researched your options? You do know that there are numerous non-colorful stones on the market, right? Sapphire engagement rings for one come in a wide-range of colors and are positioned highly on the Mohs scale of hardness. 

2. You Can't Wear a Colorful Engagement Ring

This is one of the most outdated statements ever, and is associated with the previous one. You can wear a colorful engagement ring. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong when shopping for something that speaks to your heart. Likewise, you can also choose a lighter shade of whichever color your heart fancies, like the morganite ring, for instance.

3. You Should Pay A Fortune for Your Ring

This myth should not be taken seriously. There are tons of great rings available in many different styles and price ranges. Choose the ring that you think is right for you.

4. The Bigger the Rock, the Better

Not so much. The size of the gem doesn't determine the quality or the price of the ring. True enough, there may be some truth to the statement that larger stones are more costly, but how do they look? Look at the stone's 4 c's (cut, color, carat and clarity) which are crucial, particularly with diamonds and sapphires. A salt and pepper diamond ring is a fantastic option to the classic white diamond, and it looks fabulous on everyone.

5. Round is King

Umm, not necessarily. Yes, round diamonds are popular diamond shapes, but what you may not know is that while the round brilliant diamond is the most familiar related to brilliance, there are a plethora of other options that could be a better fit for your style. Additionally, if you're contemplating a color diamond, round shapes are ordinarily more costly since it is more difficult for the diamond polisher to increase the color that's shown from within the round stone. 

Diamond shapes like cushion and radiant are ideal, in order to bolster the diamond's natural color. Lesser common shapes include: 


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