What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

Hello, cherished friends of the Fuller's Jewelry family! We are delighted to share with you a piece of nostalgic jewelry history - the old mine-cut diamond. As a family-owned and operated establishment, we value our shared history and craftsmanship, and today, we want to illuminate the fascinating journey of the old mine cut diamond. So, let's step back in time together!

Understanding Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Old mine cut diamonds, as their name suggests, have a venerable lineage. These diamonds hold a unique charm with their distinctive shape, reminiscent of the cushions used in vintage furniture, and their romantic sparkle, softer than their modern counterparts.

An old mine-cut diamond is distinguished by a slightly squarish girdle, large facets, a high crown, and a flat base, referred to as the culet. The sizeable facets and open culet create a mesmerizing play of light, making this cut truly enchanting. When compared with the modern brilliant cut or even other vintage cuts like the old European cut, the old mine cut stands out, echoing a bygone era's opulence and style.

The History and Significance of the Old Mine Cut

In the 18th and 19th centuries, when diamonds were mined by hand in Brazil and India, the old mine-cut diamonds were the toast of the town. Famous diamonds like the Koh-I-Noor and the Hope Diamond were initially shaped into old mine cuts. This cut resonates with historical significance and adds a dash of antiquity to your jewelry collection.

Buying an Old Mine Cut Diamond

At Fuller's Jewelry, we are pleased to offer a fine selection of these historically rich, old mine-cut diamonds. When considering an old mine-cut diamond, it's essential to focus on aspects such as clarity, color, and cut quality, besides personal preference for the diamond's unique characteristics.

Old mine-cut diamonds typically come with a steeper price tag due to their rarity and historical significance. But don't worry, we are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction, and our trusted craftsmanship ensures you'll receive a diamond that's well worth the investment.

It's also important to verify the authenticity of an old mine-cut diamond. At Fuller's, we provide comprehensive documentation so you can be confident in the integrity of your purchase.

Care and Maintenance of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Like any cherished possession, your old mine-cut diamond will require some love and care. Regular cleaning can maintain its lustrous sparkle, but it's crucial to handle it with care due to the diamond's unique cut and open culet.

For any maintenance or servicing needs, the experienced professionals at Fuller's Jewelry are always at your service, treating your precious pieces with the care they deserve, just like we would for our own family.


Old mine-cut diamonds are more than just stones; they are a symbol of history, a testament to our shared past, and a promise of everlasting beauty. And at Fuller's Jewelry, we are proud to uphold this rich tradition, providing you with an experience that transcends a simple purchase.

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