Why Are Engagement Rings Expensive?

Do you ever wonder why engagement rings are so expensive? Not only do you have to worry about saving for your wedding but you also have to worry about the cost of engagement rings. Engagement rings are so expensive because they are carefully designed to display a beautiful arrangement between the band and the stones that are set on it. 

Reasons Why Engagement Rings Are More Expensive

While you might be considering getting a wedding band for your significant other to avoid the cost of an engagement ring, there are some major differences between the two, which is why engagement rings are more expensive.

Center Diamond

What makes an engagement ring stand out is the impressive diamond in the center of it. Not only does the diamond make the ring more expensive, depending on the size of the diamond, but it also makes the ring look classy and elegant. Diamonds can vary in size and the bigger the diamond the more expensive the ring will be. Wedding bands don’t usually have a center diamond, which makes them a more affordable option. 


Engagement rings have to be designed carefully to be appealing to consumers. The more detailed an engagement ring is, the more attractive it will be. The type of detail that an engagement ring has takes a lot of time and effort and can increase its price. Wedding bands are usually solid and don’t require a lot of design, which is why they are not as expensive as engagement rings. 

How To Afford An Engagement Ring

Your partner might have their eye set on an engagement ring that is more than you intended to spend on a piece of jewelry. Thankfully, there are ways to afford that special ring that will wow them during your proposal. 

Buy Now, Pay Later

Some online shops have the option for you to buy now and pay later. Essentially you can take a zero-interest loan on the ring and make payments on it. 

Save Over Time

You might be ready to propose but if you can’t afford it yet, don't be discouraged. Take some time to really analyze your savings and see how much more you can save so that you can make that purchase without having to borrow money. 

Shop Vintage

Many antique stores have beautiful engagement rings. If you are not looking for a specific ring, you might be able to find a beautiful engagement piece by shopping around.

While engagement rings are expensive, there are ways to make that purchase a little more affordable. After all, you want to present your partner with a piece that truly represents your love for them, without having to break the bank.